Foreign Trade

FPS Group carries out the foreign trade of Turkish origin products within the scope of its foreign trade network consisting of importers, distributors and retail chains located abroad and domestic manufacturer companies in Turkey. FPS Group, which has Balkan countries, Gulf countries, African countries and Asian countries in its foreign trade network, expands to the Far East, South America and European countries, adding new countries to which it exports and expanding its foreign trade network.

FPS Group's foreign trade product portfolio consists of the brands and products of domestic manufacturers in Turkey, and the focus of our company in foreign trade is to provide foreign exchange inflow to the country and contribute to the national economy by exporting the products produced by domestic companies in Turkey to foreign markets. In this context, FPS Group regularly exports the Turkish products in its portfolio to more than 20 countries.

There are more than 50 Turkish brands and more than 1000 products in our foreign trade product portfolio. Our company, which mainly focuses on the export of food products, also has a wide foreign trade product portfolio including beverage, cleaning, cosmetics and non-food product groups. Continuously expanding its product portfolio, FPS Group has created a wide range of products that will enable its customers to import all the products they demand from a single source. Our company focuses on trading with importer/distributor companies and retail chains in foreign trade, mostly working in market products and out-of-home consumer goods.

FPS Group prefers to establish long-term and sustainable business partnerships in the countries it exports to. There are companies that we have strong cooperation with, that distribute our products across the country in more than 5 countries and work dedicated to the Turkish products in our portfolio. In addition, there are FPS Group country representatives located in Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Central Asia, and we carry out our commercial activities and operations in foreign markets in the most efficient way.

Due to the wide range of our product portfolio, we are able to do mixed loading by providing our foreign trade customers with the option of ordering the products in our portfolio in the quantities they demand, without being subject to high minimum order quantities. Transportation, port operations and customs affairs in Turkey are carried out by our company, and we work with companies that are experts in their fields to get top quality service, and also we keep the operating cost reflected in the product price at the lowest level. Thus, FPS Group ensures that the foreign trade customers it works with can import the products they demand in the quantities they want and at the best price, and bring them to their countries.

The main goal of FPS Group is to be the main supplier of Turkish Products as the only and biggest company that comes to mind when Turkish Products are mentioned in the countries we work in, and to enable foreign companies importing from Turkey to procure all the products they demand from our wide product portfolio from a single source. In line with our goals, we realize our goals step by step with our overseas investment , collaborations we have established, our country representations, and country trips we make constantly, participation in exhibitions and customer meetings.

FPS Group also imports non-food products from many countries, especially the Far East, and supplies products to large market chains operating in Turkey and is one of the biggest importers of Turkey in the product groups it imports.

Foreign Trade Experience

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Process Management

FPS Group projects every business it carries out, and aims to achieve the most successful business results by acting in accordance with the business plan and working principles.


Market Analysis

We analyze the competition and sales dynamics of the product group by making a market analysis of the products we take into our portfolio.


Goal and Strategy

We set attainable and measurable goals and create the most appropriate business strategies that will enable us to achieve our goals.


Roadmap and Planning

We prepare our business and time plans covering all processes by drawing the roadmap that will lead our company to success.


Implementation and Progress

We make tangible progress by conducting commercial negotiations with retailers, importers and distributors in our business network.


Results and Development

We determine other business areas that we will develop by evaluating the results together with the companies we carry out commercial activities.