FPS Group is a new generation company operating in the fields of foreign trade, domestic sales and private label production with its sector experience gained over many years, shaping the future of the sector with its innovative trade models, and adopting the values of being "Fast, Profitable and Safe".

We set out to be a pioneer in the fields in which we operate and to create benefits for the sector, powered by our experience in domestic and foreign markets and our knowledge and experience in food, beverage, cleaning, cosmetic and non-food product groups.

We achieve growth with the companies we have commercial relations with, through the sales activities we carry out within the scope of the trade network we have established with manufacturers, importers, retailers and distributors in the fields of foreign trade, domestic sales and private label production.

The main goal of FPS Group is to carry out commercial activities that provide common benefits to our company and the companies we cooperate with, and to achieve successful business results by conducting our business processes at an equal distance to the companies we work with within the framework of the ethical values we have adopted.

In the light of domestic and foreign market knowledge and experience we have, we continue on our way to add new ones to the successful business results we have achieved as a result of long-term and productive cooperation with companies in our trade network.