Erdim Cepcioglu


Our Founder

Erdim Çepcioğlu, the founder of the FPS Group company, develops and carries out innovative trade models in the fields of domestic and foreign trade in the light of the experience and knowledge he has gained by performing important duties in the sales, commercial marketing and private label production departments of Turkey's leading sales, marketing and production companies for more than 15 years. He also provides consultancy to companies in the fields of foreign trade, retail sector and private label production.

Believing that the right commercial ties should be established and the medium and long-term results of commercial decisions should be taken into account in order for the trade between companies to be sustainable and efficient with the sectoral experience he gained, Erdim Çepcioğlu established the FPS Group company with the motto of a new generation company to implement innovative trade models.

Erdim Çepcioğlu, who works faithfully to these principles by giving importance to being fast, making profitable trade and being honest in trade throughout his professional life, has established the FPS Group on the values of being "Fast, Profitable and Safe" and named his company after these values he has adopted.

In order to maximize the successful business results he has achieved in the domestic and foreign trade areas in which it operates, he works with professionals and solution partners who are experts in their fields.

During his career, he worked as a sales manager and private brands manager at Hunca Kozmetik, Lila Kagit, Provel AŞ and Sultanlar Holding companies. With the experience gained in food, beverage, cleaning, cosmetics and non-food product groups, he has achieved many successes and new projects.

Erdim Çepcioğlu completed his undergraduate education in Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Econometrics, and completed his high school education in Tekirdağ. He started his business life during his university years, and in addition to his expertise, he has experience in the fields of information technologies and logistics and has been in business life for nearly 20 years.

Erdim Çepcioğlu is married and has two children.