A honey bee can only produce 1 drop of honey during its 7-week life. Producing a comb of honey takes a lot of effort and a lot of lives. Worker bees, all female, tell each other where good flowers are in a dance decorated with rhythmic sounds. If the queen bee dies, they "make" themselves a new queen bee. The more different flowers around, the happier they are. In fact, they are the main reason for the diversity of flowers and plants in the world.

You will discover different flavors in each spoon of our Grünn Organic Flower honey, which is harvested from the uniquely flora high mountains of Eastern Anatolia.


- Strengthens the immune system.

- It is expectorant, cuts cough.

-Helps to lose weight with a feeling of satiety.

Thanks to its high antioxidant properties, it is protective against cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

– It is good for insomnia and stress.

– It gives energy.

– It has a lethal feature against bacteria that cause sinusitis and pharyngitis.

– Reduces allergic reactions.

- Relieves constipation, helps digestion.


Honey produced by organic beekeeping method does not contain residues of veterinary drugs and pesticides used in spraying plants. After production, the certification company performs analysis (such as pesticide, naphthalene, antibiotic and heavy metals analyzes) to see if the final product is residue and gives an organic product certificate if the product is clean. . In addition, since organic hives have to be at least 3km away from the land where cultivated crops such as sunflowers and lemons are located, the nectar source is only wild flowers. The conditions that the hives are unpainted and the nails used in their construction are stainless is also an indication of how strict the organic hives are inspected.

Nutritional Values ​​(per 100 gr)



Carbs        82.3 g


Protein                 0,0 g

Salt                       0.0 g

Product Content

100% Organic Flower Honey


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