With Organic Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Bar, we are proud to offer a completely additive-free and incredibly nutritious chocolate bar group. Essence, emulsifier, stabilizer, etc. e codex products are not used in our Organic Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Bar product, and it is completely handcrafted. You won't believe the pleasant smell of the organic cocoa used, the double roasted and pureed Giresun Hazelnut, and the chocolate flavor that does not contain any over-processed sweeteners such as refined sugar or agave. Our product, which is different from the products that we are used to and commonly seen and sold with sugar, preservatives and additives, breaks new ground in Turkey. Since we are a 100% gluten-free business, there is no gluten contamination in this product either.

We hope that you and your loved ones will have the chance to try our product, whose original name is "Organic Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut".

Origin: Turkey

Net Quantity: 35 g

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