Product Details
Natural hazelnut kernels are roasted in roasting ovens according to the desired roasting degree. In the puree production line, the crushed hazelnuts are prepared in thinner machines according to the desired micron level and the filling takes place. It can be used as a cream on bread, as a sweetener in cakes, pastries, cereals and muesli.

Nutritional Values
Energy value / Brennwert / Calories 670 kcal
Protein / Eiweiss 13.62 g
Carbs / Kohlenhydrate 10.13 g
Fat / Fett / Fat 61.28 g
Salt / Salz / salt g / 100 30 g
Dietary fiber / Ballststoffe / Dietary Fiber 11.54 g
Saturated fatty acids / davon gestättige Fettsäuren / saturated Fatty Acids (g) 4.7 g


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